The Manila Polo Club history dates back to the 1900s when a true lover of polo arrived in the Philippines – US Commissioner of Commerce and Police William Cameron Forbes.

When Forbes became the Governor General, the Philippines officially embraced polo with the birth of the Manila Polo Club.

The Club was incorporated on August 18, 1909 and the Club's original location in Calle Real, Pasay was inaugurated on November 27 of the same year. The original clubhouse was burned to the ground during the war. In the 1950s, the Club was rebuilt where it currently stands.

In 1977, the Club assumed its proprietary classification and membership has evolved through the years. At present, there are six kinds of members. These are: proprietary members, associate members, life members, courtesy members, special guest members and honorary members.

As of February 21, 2015, the Manila Polo Club has 2,177 proprietary members, 359 associate members, 238 life members, 23 courtesy members, 9 special guest members and 1 honorary member.

At present, the Manila Polo Club is undoubtedly considered Manila’s premier club. Club members are mainly classified as the country's A-listers belonging to the influential and affluent level of the Philippine status quo. Political personalities, business icons and heads of mission make up the diverse yet unified body of the Club membership.