1. Function rooms/areas shall be reserved at the Banquet Sales Office by MEMBERS or their spouses on a first come, first served basis. Only reservations with written authorization from the MEMBER shall be recognized.
  2. Functions may be sponsored by any MEMBER provided he is present during said function and/or a valid authorization letter has been submitted to the Banquet Sales Office and settles all expenses incurred as a result thereof. Members with delinquent accounts are not allowed to use any function room/area.
  3. The use of all function rooms/areas shall be subject to a minimum consumable charge set by Management. The rate shall vary when the function venue is used for special events such as bingo socials and bazaars upon the approval of Management.
  4. To secure reservation, the MEMBER shall give a security deposit as determined by the Food & Beverage Committee. The balance of the function cost will be included in the MEMBER’S monthly billing.
  5. Function room/area shall be available to the MEMBER only on the specified time stated in the Contract. Should the MEMBER require the use of the function room/area beyond the time stated in the Contract, a corresponding additional fee shall be charged to the MEMBER. Guests are restricted to the function venue only and shall not be allowed to loiter in other areas of the Club.
  6. The Club reserves the absolute right to substitute the function space herein contracted by the MEMBER by giving at least twenty four (24) hours prior notice and such substitute place shall be deemed by the MEMBER as full compliance under this Agreement, and for this purpose the Club is in no way liable to the MEMBER.
  7. An authorized representative of the Club shall fix and/or establish the number of covers and drinks to be served as actually reserved by the MEMBER shown in the reverse side hereof and correspondingly in the bill of the latter. The Club’s count shall be deemed correct and shall be accepted as final. The MEMBER may, however, appoint his representative to ensure the accuracy of the count.
  8. The MEMBER shall be billed in accordance with the minimum number of persons finally contracted notwithstanding under attendance or in case of non-appearance of MEMBER. However, should the attendance be more than the minimum number stipulated, the MEMBER shall be billed per cover or at actual number or persons present.
  9. Additional charges shall be billed on rates agreed upon for arrangements that cover sound system, floral requirements, service personnel overtime pay beyond 11:00 p.m., power and light charges in excess of normal usage and other special equipment and arrangements.
  10. The MEMBER shall be liable to the Club or the latter’s guests for any loss, damage or injury caused by the act, negligence or omission of the MEMBER or his representatives, guests and/or visitors during the contracted function.
  11. The Club shall not be liable for failure to comply with any or all of the terms of this Agreement due to labor dispute, fortuitous event or other causes beyond its control.
  12. Flammable (e.g. helium balloons) materials, torches, etc. shall not be allowed within the premises of the Club.
  13. Fireworks shall not be allowed unless with prior clearance from the Club, and the necessary permits secured from the Forbes Park Association and the proper authorities.
  14. Any item/s (e.g. props, backdrop, floral décor, equipment, cakes, etc.) brought into the Club in relation to a function shall be dismantled and cleared by the MEMBER or his representative right after the function. The Club reserves the right to dispose/dismantle the items left after the function and a disposal/dismantling fee shall be charged to the MEMBER.
  15. The Club reserves the right to disallow the use of equipment brought in for a function upon its sole determination if the use of such equipment may pose safety hazards.
  16. The Club reserves the right to stop any function that does not comply with the set policies of the Club or the terms of this Agreement.
  17. All Food & Beverage items shall be purchased exclusively from the Manila Polo Club. It is agreed and understood that the MEMBER is prohibited to bring in any food and beverage item to the Club unless previously arranged and authorized. Should the MEMBER be allowed to bring in any food/or beverage item, a corkage fee determined by the Management shall be charged and a waiver form provided by the Club shall be signed by the MEMBER or his authorized personnel.
  18. The Club reserves the right to substitute similar or comparable menus for the function in case of fortuitous events or causes beyond its control by giving the MEMBER due notice, and such substitution shall be deemed by the MEMBER as full compliance under this Agreement. For this purpose the Club is in no way liable to the MEMBER.
  19. The MEMBER and the Club shall agree on the time the Club will commence food service. In the event the Club fails to commence food service within the specified time for reasons attributable to the MEMBER, the Club shall not be held responsible for any and all deterioration in the quality of food by reason of such delay.
  20. The Club shall not be held responsible for insufficiency of food and service should the number of guests exceed ten percent (10%) of the guaranteed covers.
  21. For pick-up items/items for take-home, the MEMBER shall have the right to inspect the food product/s upon pick-up or receipt.  Should the MEMBER observe any defects in the picked up/take home food product/s, the MEMBER should refuse to accept such food product/s.  The Club shall be bound to replace only those food products that are defective or spoiled.  Any and all food products that are accepted shall be considered sold and the MEMBER shall pay for all such food products at the prices set in the contract.
  22. Functions with a minimum consumable charge of less than Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) shall not be required to give a deposit. Payment shall be included in the MEMBER’S monthly bill.
  23. The MEMBER shall deposit an amount equivalent to twenty five (25%) if the minimum consumable charge is more than Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00). The Club shall inform the MEMBER of the estimated function cost, which shall be the basis of the contract. The MEMBER should pay an additional deposit equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of the estimated function cost on the date specified in the contract and the full payment one week before the function.
  24. In the event of cancellation or postponement, the following shall apply:

    For functions below Ten Thousand Pesos (10,000.00) minimum consumable fee:
    a. Fifty percent (50%) of the minimum consumable amount will be charged if cancellation is made seventy two (72) hours prior to the function date.
    b. Full payment of the minimum consumable fee will be charged if cancellation is made forty eight (48) hours prior to the function date.
    c. For cancellations made one (1) day prior to or on the date of the function, the full payment of the minimum consumable fee or total cost of function shall be charged, whichever is higher.

    For functions with Ten Thousand Pesos (10,000.00) and above minimum consumable fee:
    a. The security deposit is not refundable but consumable in food and beverage only.
    b. In the event of cancellation less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the function, the fifty percent (50%) of estimated function shall be charged to the MEMBER.
    c. Full payment of the function cost will be charged if cancellation is made forty eight (48) hours prior to the function date.

  25. The MEMBER may amend the number or covers, function date and venue or give additional requirements by giving the Club a written notice prior to the function date.
  26. The Club shall accomplish an Amendment Form, which shall be signed by the MEMBER and shall be part of the Contract.

For inquiries, please call the Banquet Office at (632) 8170951-62 locals 241-245 or email mpcbanquet@manilapolo.com.ph.